Anand Bhog

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The seed that was sown in the year 2000 by Khandelwal Industries and Exports has today become one of the fastest growing food product companies in India.

Headquartered in Ujjain (MP), the city with a rich culinary heritage, Anand Bhog entered into the agro business with high aspirations and a firm will. The company achieved strategic growth and crossed many milestones through its innovating spirit and expert leadership.

Offering superior quality products has always been the company’s prime objective.

Sourcing the grain from the finest fields in Malwa, processing the same through the most modern technology, and packaging it 

Perfectly to retain freshness and taste. Every product of Khandelwal Industries and Exports is a testimony of its uncompromising quality standards. The reason why, the name

“Anand Bhog” has become synonymous with purity and taste today.

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