• Anand Bhog Atta hai

  • Anand Bhog Atta hai

  • Anand Bhog Atta hai

  • Anand Bhog Atta hai

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About us

The name ‘Anand Bhog’ is synonymous with quality, purity and taste. Today, being the major source of delivering quality food products, the seed of Anand Bhog was germinated in the year 2000 by Khandelwal Industries and Exports. Over the years, we have nurtured the company and today it is one of the fastest growing food products company in India.

The company was established by Mr. Govind Khandelwal - the founder of Khandelwal Industries and Exports. Headquartered in Ujjain (MP), the city with a rich culinary heritage, Anand Bhog entered the agro business at a small scale. Over the years, the firm achieved strategic growth through its constant innovating spirit and support of the young team members.

Ever since inception, assuring quality products has always been the main objective at Anand Bhog. We keep our relentless focus on healthy food products and every product of Khandelwal Industries and Exports is a testimony of the uncompromising quality standards. Right from selection of grains, processing, grinding, packaging and distribution, all the processes are conducted under rigorous quality checks, keeping intact the nutritive values of the food grains. Moreover, at Khandelwal Industries and Exports, it has been our constant endeavour to serve our customers with highest quality products at affordable rates.

Quality Policy

At Anand Bhog, we believe that the customer puts his/her trust in us, and we should be true to our claims. We therefore strive hard to make sure that our natural products actually have all the natural goodness mentioned on our products. To assure this, we pick the best grade of grains grown in the richest agricultural regions of India. Like, we source wheat from Malwa (MP), the most favourable wheat grown region in India and Golden Daliya made from Malaw Shakti (Poshan) wheat breed.
We know that Purity, Taste and Nutrition are something that can't be compromised. That's why we give special stress on these three aspects during the processing procedure. To offer you wholesome quality food products, the selected wheat from the farms of Malwa (MP) are sent to our mills. The technology used in the mills replicate the stone grinding process of a traditional chakki, thus ensuring that all the nutritional value remains intact, and you get all natural goodness of the grains.
What does the Whole Wheat Atta mean? Whole Wheat Atta is derived when the entire grain is milled and all its protein, vitamin, fiber and mineral content are retained. Most atta brands available in the market lack this quality, and the machine-ground flour loses most of its nutritional value. But at Anand Bhog, our processes ensure that the entire grain is processed and you get the benefit of the whole grain for a healthy life.
A whole grain is enclosed in body called as a kernel that consists of three major parts: the bran, the germ and the endosperm. Since a processed grain goes through lots of processing cycles, it lacks the bran and germ. The absence of bran and germ makes the flour void of major nutritive values such as dietary fiber, iron, and B vitamins.

Whereas, a whole grain includes all three parts of the kernel and provide all essential nutrients like Protein, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Carbohydrates, Mineral and Fibre. Now since you know the difference, you know why Anand Bhog Atta sources whole wheat atta only.

Recepies Tips

Career Opportunities

We, at Anand Bhog, are committed to provide quality food products to consumers. And, a company can’t accomplish this goal on its own. All it needs a team of well-qualified and responsible employees, who can help the organization by making the food products reach to every home of India. Being a responsible food products company, we always hunt for the best minds who can deliver our quality policy in their every action. To attract and develop the best minds, we offer new opportunities, best-in-class training and a lucrative package.

Anand Bhog offers equal opportunities to all prospective employees. Our employees are dedicated to discover, develop, support and deliver quality products and services, to people across the nation. As a part of Anand Bhog, you will be privileged to work with a team of experts with years of experience in the industry and receive continual performance feedback through Excellence evaluation programme.